Animated logos and signatures are a great way to surprise and delight your clients and remind them that you were never aware that there was any box to think inside of in the first place.  These little beauties can be stylish, humourous and informative but they are guaranteed to always engage and underscore that you’re the kind of creative company to be they want to do business with.

Animated Logo 2D Premium

If you want to show style and creativity it’s hard to ignore something like this 2D animated website header and email signature signoff.  This one fies across the page from right to eft and settles into the logos traditional position.  Note how the animator gives the impression that the dragonfly flies cose to the camera lense before landing. 

Animated Logo 2D Standard

This style relies on a combination of non-linear and linear movement and object and text reveals.  This can provide an elegant a sophisticated feel.


Animated Character Gif Premium

Animated character gifs can add charm and entertainment to every email.  We make to order based on what you look like.  That’s me, the bald dude with the guitar and our Animation Team Leader, Sandra in the blue suit and the young lady with the hair is Lu, our Animation Apprentice.  These are tiny files so don’t have any effect on download time.  Let’s talk about making an impact with your own personalised animated gif.

Custom Animated Gif Standard

Custom avatars are a fun way tom add some personality to your website and emails.  You can use them individually or send us photos of your team and we can make one for each member.  We’ll give you a choice of character illustration style for you to choose from.  These wee gems reflect a sense of fun and creativity and are also a great way to welcome a new team member.

Custom Animated Gif 3D Premium

3D Gifs add that extra sense of reality given the additional dimensions and the abiity to cast light and shadows in artistic ways.  Adding assets like chairs and musical instruments can further enhance the quality, humour content and overall impact.  3D is aways a premium product but is something that will stand the test of time and charm everyone.