Dragonfly Media is the animation and motion graphics arm of Health Songs International.  We are specialists in the craft of risk communication and community engagement.  At Dragonfly Media we combine our many years of working with international development agencies with our creativity, our technical skills and our well-developed sense of fun and the dramatic to tell stories that engage and motivate people to take action that leads to change.  Enjoy a sample of our work showcased here and connect with us to talk about how we can help you tell your story.

Full 2D animation

Full 2D is the style that many of us grew up with.  Think Hannah Barbara and Disney.  This style lends itself to storytelling as it helps us create full context like jungles, oceans or even your neighbourhood.

This animation is a great example of how explainers, explain.  In this case we wanted to tell you about storytelling in humorous way so naturally we chose cavemen.  Why not.  So let’s tell your story.

Motion Graphics explainer videos

Animated explainer videos have become increasingly the go to style for corporates and small to medium businesses alike.  Their simple stylized look and feel helps the viewer focus on what’s important without too many distractions.  This style is sometimes accompanied by infographics, icons and attractive transitions and can be tailored to work with your current branding.

 2.5D parallax watercolour

This style is especially captivating due to its subtle movement, hair blowing in the wind, newspaper flapping and also because of the parallax effect (layers moving at different speeds giving a 3D effect) and the style of transitions all work together to create a wonderful storytelling stle.

For this project we created an original soundtrack and translated the animation into 9 different languages including language version voice overs and subtitles.

 Kinetic typography 

Kinetic typography has become a very popular style due to its ability to engage the viewer.  This happens partly because of the challenge to read the words which appear often at speed and with motion.  The word may appear upside down, back to front, inside another word and all sorts of different font styles and colours.  This means that if you want get the message then you need to pay attention and that’s really the goal.  We’ve added sevel other layers here with a very catch jingle and some  illustrations to help reinforce the message.

The message in the this case is about how to save a life by understanding what you need to do when the room you’re in fills up with smoke. 


Animation can mean many things but the obvious key is “MOVEMENT”.  This style is known as STOMP. It’s based on a style of percussion that was made famous by the Stomp dance team back in the 90s. The video style relies mostly on still images and slick editing. Using a small amount of text in this style is a powerful to drive a message home.  STOMP is a great style to use on your website or in any social media campaign. It can be use commercially and pople love to share this style.

3D on live-action background

While 3D is usually a more expensive option (due to the need to develop 3D models prior to animation), 3D on a live action background is hugely popular and highly engaging.  3D brings fantastic characters to life in a way like no other style can. This sample animation also demonstrates the effective use of a good jingle.  Talk to us about your jingle requirements.


2D on live-action background

Similar to 3D, 2D on a live-action background is another highly engaging way to present your message.  This style relies on having high quality backgrounds and high contrasting and lively characters.

In this example we developed a new character (Iggy the Iguana) and placed him right in the classroom in Fiji.

Mash up

A mash up is really just a combination of different styles and assets.  In this example we’ve taken one of our songs and included some 3D characters we built, an attractive Bokeh for the background and some nice text graphics.  We’ve also added a few images, explosions, and some bright and lively transitions.  This example keeps on the move like most other animations band relies on transitions to give a full animation feel.  


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