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Dragonfly Media - About Us

In today's visually-driven world, animation has shifted from being mere entertainment to becoming a powerful tool for communication, storytelling, and brand expression. Behind every captivating animation lies a team of creative minds dedicated to bringing ideas to life. This is where Dragonfly Media steps onto the stage.

Read and learn more about us and our "WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO" or if you'd just like to have a good old school chin wag, hit the contact us button and we'll give you call. 

We're Dragonfly Media

Our global impact by numbers

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Years of Experience

20 Years In International Development Project Work.

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Countries Exposure

Field Experience In Malawi, Laos, Fiji, Cambodia, India, The US, Australian, New Zealand, Bhutan, The Philippines & Indonesia.

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Foreign Languages

40+ foreign language projects and animated video translations. 

Frequently Asked question's

Got a question about animation?

Want to learn more? Here are some of our frequently asked questions about video animation here at Dragonfly Media. 

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Animated videos have proven to be highly effective in capturing and retaining audience attention. We offer versatility, creativity, and a unique way to communicate your complex ideas, making them ideal for engaging audiences across various platforms.

We are experts in a range of animated video services including 3D, 2D, motion graphics, kinetic typography, montage style, stop motion and mashups. In addition, we can advise on educational strategies, risk communication and cultural safety matters. We can help with your project from start to finish, and offer scriptwriting, storyboarding, music and voiceover services as well as a full translations service in over 100 languages.

Here at Dragonfly Media, this type of content is our specialty. Animated videos can effectively communicate sensitive cultural and risk related information in ways that a traditional video approach cannot due to animations inherent abstractness.
This can help businesses communicate their messages in a sensitive and safe way bridging cultural gaps and conveying vital information more effectively.

Absolutely! Dragonfly Media understands the importance of tailoring every video animation to suit your unique needs. We offer customization options and add-ons including scriptwriting, a wide variety of animation styles, voiceovers and branding elements, ensuring videos align perfectly with your objectives.

Yes! We’ve excelled at creating educational animations for e-learning platforms. Our team of skilled animators and instructional designers can develop engaging and informative content to enhance the learning experience. Whether your educational project is for internal employees, students, the general public or clients of your own, we can offer a range of animated video styles and formats that work to best convey your message.

Besides having arguably, the widest range of animation styles on the market today, we specialise in Ethno-illustrology and Ethno-musicology enabling us to create authentic looking, feeling and sounding ethnically expresses animation.  In addition, we have over 20 years’ experience in international development work enhancing our understanding of cross-cultural communications.  This expertise allows us to create culturally sensitive and authentic animated videos that resonate with diverse audiences.

This is a great question. Our collaborative approach involves close communication with clients during the video creation process. We take the time to understand your brand, messaging, and goals, ensuring the final product reflects your unique identity and connects with your target audience.

Definitely! Dragonfly's animated videos and moving graphics are designed with social media in mind. Our engaging content, concise storytelling, and eye catching visuals make them highly shareable and effective for social media marketing campaigns.

Yes, we’ve created over 40 videos in various languages to cater to global audiences. Whether you need videos localised for specific regions or translated into multiple languages. We can accommodate over 100 languages and include subtitles and voice over acting in most languages. We’ve even been contracted to the United Nations, as well as international development agencies to create animations in a variety of languages translations.

Yes, we’re a proudly Kiwi firm with our team based in North Otago, New Zealand.

That depends a lot on the style you choose, the length of the animation, the number of characters and unique design elements, whether you want a voice over or not, bespoke of stock music, how quickly you want the animation and a bunch of other variables.  At Dragonfly Media we do our best to understand your budget and offer the right solution. The best thing to do is to have a chat with us and we’ll sort you out with a free quote.

Our History

Where we came from

Though the brand name is fairly new, Dragonfly Media found its roots in the world of International Development starting in Indonesia back in 1998.  Since those early days we have expanded our operations, grown our team, and spread our influence across the globe touching the lives of many vulnerable communities with our media. 

Our Vision

Where we're going

Dragonfly media has a vision to change the way lifesaving information is transmitted by becoming the leading voice in Media-based Information, Education and Communication (IEC) productions.

Our Mission

How we're getting there

At Dragonfly Media, our mission is to collaborate with development agencies and partner with vulnerable communities to produce and disseminate high-impact Media-based Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) content.

hrough innovative storytelling and cutting-edge media technologies, we empower individuals and communities with lifesaving knowledge, fostering awareness and resilience.

Our Beliefs

What get's us out of bed

We believe in the sacredness of every human life regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, orientation, faith, wealth, temperament, politics, abilities or education.


We believe that everyone has the right to access the best educational experiences and to that end we work.

Our team

Meet the creatives

Behind every great production is a great production team.  Don't be fooled by the happy smiles, when this team sinks its teeth into a project they pursue excellence with the tenacity of a pack of wolves.  


Tran Le

Tran, one of our key illustrators has the ability to capture just the right emotion with every stroke of her stylus. She brings creativity and visual direction translating ideas into captivating storyboards and illustrations.
sandra lighter

Sandra Greaney

Art Director - Animation lead
Sandra is our amazingly talented and hard working Art Director, animator and 3D artist. She has a degree in Fine Arts, Industrial design and English teaching. Sandra is also a specialist in Ethno-illustrology a term that Dragonfly has coined and developed under Sandra's guidance.

Rob Greaney

Development Manager - Sound engineer
Rob cut his teeth in International Development in Indonesia and is our resident Ethno-musicologist managing all things audio. Rob is a talented songwriter selling over 30k albums. As Development Manager Rob is always on the lookout for new opportunities and great partnerships.

Dana Hemingway

Video Producer
Dana is our lead video producer with over 30 years of industry experience. Dana has specialized in outdoor video production. He will tell that his favourite projects are those where he can use his extensive producer skills to help vulnerable communities.

Lyndell (Lindy) Backues Phd

Development strategist
Lindy is an Educator, Academic Theorist, Business Professor, Organizational Consultant, and Community Development Practitioner. He is a brilliant and articulate communicator and is driven by a passion for social justice. Lindy guides and advises the team on development principles and their implementation in our project work.

Alefiyah Jiwanji M.Ed

Education research specialist
Currently based in Nairobi, Alefiyah has dedicated her life to understanding how people learn. With a Masters in Education and a Bachelor of Honours, International Studies and Modern Languages (French and Russian), Alefiyah brings a structured and disciplined approach to research and presenting the results.