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In need of an animated video for your business? Drive real change for your audience with compelling explainer videos, engaging 3D and 2D animations, motion graphics and more. Dragonfly Media can provide animation solutions in a diverse range of styles to suit your business and your budget.
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end to end support

End to end support

We bring your vision to life. We'll collaborate closely with you throughout the creative process, ensuring your animation reflects your unique objectives and captures the essence of your brand and messaging.
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All things animation

We specialise in all things animation. We capture your core concept and work through different strategies and create something that is uniquely you. 3D, 2D, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion, the sky's the limit.


Ethno-illustrology is own coined word. One of our greatest assets as an animation company is that we specialise in researching and reproducing authentic ethnic design and characters.

Translation service

You want a global reach? We offer a full language translation service including transcripts, subtitles and voice over acting in over 100 languages.
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Learn more about our core strengths and why we are not like other animation companies.
  • 20 years in international development project work
  • Specialists in cross-cultural communication
  • Experts in Risk Communication and Community Engagement
  • 40+ foreign language projects and animated video translations
  • Partnering with the United Nations and International Development agencies
  • Field experience in Malawi, Laos, Fiji, Cambodia, India, The Philippines & Indonesia
  • A working knowledge of traditional cultures and conservative religious cultures
  • Pioneers in Ethno-musicology and Ethno-illustrology
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At Dragonfly Media we follow a simple process that helps us understand your story and set out a plan for production that keeps us all on track.  

The Brainstorming phase of animation production is all about teamwork and creativity. We meet with our clients to discuss, listen, question, and imagine together. This is where the story takes shape. Whether you come with your own script or we write one for you, the brainstorming is where we make sure we’re all on the same page before diving into the actual visual work. You don’t have to worry if you think you’re a bit “creativity challenged” as we’ll guide you through the process step by step. 

The “Storyboarding and Stylistic Alignment” process involves outlining the animation’s visual sequence. We create a series of illustrated frames that depict key scenes, actions, and camera angles, allowing visualization of the flow and style of the final animation. This step ensures that everyone shares a common understanding of how the animation will look and feel before we proceed with the detailed production work. It’s like sketching a rough draft of our animation to make sure we’re all in sync before bringing it to life.

  • The animation production and delivery phase encompasses the transformation of concepts into reality. Our skilled team brings the storyboard to life, crafting characters, scenes, and movements with meticulous attention to detail. Through cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse, we animate, refine, and enhance each frame. Sound design, music and special effects further elevate the animation, creating a captivating visual and auditory experience. Upon completion, we ensure seamless delivery, providing the final product in the desired format, ready to engage and enthrall audiences.

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Our Process

Explore the creative process

At Dragonfly Media we follow a simple process that helps us understand your story and set out a plan for production that keeps us all on track.  
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What our clients say about us

I made the right decision to choose Dragonfly Media to create our organization's annimation. Not only was the result wonderful, working with them was an amazing experience. They were full of enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity. They will be my go to company in the future.

Donna Backues

SEAMAAC's Coordinator of Community & Family Wellness
We worked with the Health Songs team to create a uniquely Pacific mascot and animation for Fiji’s National Child Helpline. They hit the brief and went above and beyond to create accompanying music with a special island feel. A real pleasure working with a team who understands creative cross-cultural communications.

Candice Lever

Communications Officer Fiji Ministry of Women, Children & Poverty Alleviation
The Health Songs team are a key partner for Save the Children in creating meaningful and effective ways to help children know about disasters and how they can respond. Health Songs finds creative ways to get the messages across using beautiful illustrations. Partnering with Health Songs has been a great way to find innovative ways to ensure Children actively better the lives of themselves and their families.

Andrew Johnston

International Programmes Director | Save the Children New Zealand
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