Our animation service

Why animation is so powerful?

Communicate sensitive topics

Animation is one of the most powerful and dynamic tools in the world of marketing for delivering essential information. Its ability to captivate and engage audiences of any age is unmatched in the storytelling world. This is because Animation excels in simplifying complex concepts through the use of characters, colour, symbols and iconography, sound and movement leaving a lasting impression that fosters brand recognition and message retention.

Animation is especially effective when it comes to communicating complex or sensitive topics because of its inherent abstract nature. It provides viewers with a safe emotional distance, making it less likely to trigger strong emotional reactions. This, in turn, enables audiences to process the content more objectively and gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


Tell your story with only 155 words

Grab and hold attention like never before

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that we can craft an animated video explainer to tell their story using just 135-155 words.  That’s around 1-minute.  In today’s noisy and hyperactive marketplace, 1-minute may be all the time you have to get your message across so it’s important to choose each word carefully and deliver it in such a way that your audience gets it and wants to act on it.  Our script team will work closely with you to make it short and sweet and get you the return you deserve.

Engaging character animation has a unique ability to captivate and maintain audience attention. The dynamic movements, expressions, and personalities of animated characters instantly draw viewers in and keep them glued to the screen. Whether it’s a charming mascot, a relatable protagonist, or a humorous sidekick, character animation forms an emotional connection that ensures the audience remains engrossed throughout the storytelling process.



Explore the creative process

At Dragonfly Media we follow a simple process that helps us understand your story and set out a plan for production that keeps us all on track.  

The Brainstorming phase of animation production is all about teamwork and creativity. We meet with our clients to discuss, listen, question, and imagine together. This is where the story takes shape. Whether you come with your own script or we write one for you, the brainstorming is where we make sure we’re all on the same page before diving into the actual visual work. You don’t have to worry if you think you’re a bit “creativity challenged” as we’ll guide you through the process step by step. 

The “Storyboarding and Stylistic Alignment” process involves outlining the animation’s visual sequence. We create a series of illustrated frames that depict key scenes, actions, and camera angles, allowing visualization of the flow and style of the final animation. This step ensures that everyone shares a common understanding of how the animation will look and feel before we proceed with the detailed production work. It’s like sketching a rough draft of our animation to make sure we’re all in sync before bringing it to life.

The animation production and delivery phase encompasses the transformation of concepts into reality. Our skilled team brings the storyboard to life, crafting characters, scenes, and movements with meticulous attention to detail. Through cutting-edge technology and artistic finesse, we animate, refine, and enhance each frame. Sound design, music and special effects further elevate the animation, creating a captivating visual and auditory experience. Upon completion, we ensure seamless delivery, providing the final product in the desired format, ready to engage and enthrall audiences.

We could produce you the best ever animation that the world has seen but if it only gets viewed by a few of your friends and family members that’s not going to produce the results that  any of us wants.  Talk to us about our SEO and Google Ads service to help optimize viewing and reaching your target audience.  We provide a full tracking service, analytics and will check in with regular reviews so that we can tweak here and there to increase the numbers and get you the results you deserve.